Monday, June 09, 2008

My new black pants – the saga of a spaz

I spent a weekend in Montreal last April. It coincided with a Banana Republic promotion. They offered a discount based on your total purchase price (sale stuff included). So I went for the max. and spent just over $200 and got a $50 discount.

This was my first big spend since my weight loss and I needed some new work clothes. The highest-ticket item was a sleek pair of cuffed black pants with a flat front. They were a bit long so as soon as I got home, I paid a visit to my dressmaker and had them shortened.

Okay, so the first day I wore them to work, I also wore a new pair of spike-heeled shoes from Town Shoes. I had a lunchtime appointment downtown. I had no idea those heels were like knives but they were. By the time I got back to the office, not only did they get caught in a grate and destroyed on Bloor St. but they sliced through the cuffs on my new black pants 3 times! Yes, I’ll admit I’m a bit of a spaz. ;)

So, back to the dressmaker I went. She did her best to salvage my poor new black pants but I lost the cuff and gained some additional seams. Under a magnifying glass, they looked like a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. But, before I could even wear my pants in this new configuration, I injured my hip and was on a forced six-week sabbatical from high heels.

So, off to the dressmaker I went again this weekend. I had my black pants shortened to just the right length (and no more funny stitching). Now, I can wear them with my new black flats. Finally!

By the way, Town Shoes covered the cost of repairing my shoes, no questions asked. Awesome!

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