Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wear BlackBars for instant anonimity

One of the first rules for parents who travel without their kids is to make sure and bring home gifts. But what does one buy in Kingston that you can’t buy at home in Toronto?

Well, thanks to Tommy Vallier, I didn’t have to think too hard. You see he and Francis Wooby helped guide guests at Podcasters Across Borders (PAB) around Kingston. I had no idea that included helping with gifts for the kids too – it did!

Tommy showed up for the pre-conference not only with bags for everyone but also with a cool pair of glasses called BlackBars from a Minotaur, a local gift store. For $10 a pair, I knew they were so ridiculous the kids would love them and I couldn’t resist.

If you’ve ever had flickrphobia (you know, when you’re afraid of having your mug appear on someone’s flickr or Facebook page) then these glasses are for you too. ;) BTW, they can also be purchased online at

What’s your favourite ridiculous gift?

photo credit (top photo): David Bailey MBE on flickr

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