Monday, June 02, 2008

Capezio Sale - up to 50% off

Capezio sale up to 50% off

Stores throughout the GTA and online



Bargainista Moment:
I bought two pairs of new shoes on Saturday at regular price. They are now on sale. I called the store and since I still have my bill and they were both purchased at the regular price, as long as I go back within 10 days, they’ll refund the difference. Yay!

Difference = $42 + tax (not anywhere near 50% off but I’ll take what I can get.)


  1. Many shoppers of dancewear are not interested in learning about the history of the brand they are interested in purchasing, however, knowing the history gives you a picture of the reputation and quality of a brand like Capezio
    . This brand specializes in dancewear and street wear for all ages.

  2. Dance shoes are one of the most important pieces of 'equipment' for your dancing. Without them, you wouldn't be able to perform your moves as gracefully and easily as you would like in front of an audience. Capezio has a large selection of dance shoes to complement almost any outfit you have chosen for your performance or practice.


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