Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear Bargainista #14 - locating a dress

Patricia from Montreal writes:
I live in Montreal and I go to Holt Renfrew for shopping. Last week, I saw a white dress with a zipper in the back from Lida Baday. Today, when I went back the dress was sold. I would like to find the same one - size 6 or 8. If you could help me I will be very happy. The saleswoman did not want to call Holts in Toronto to check. Just tell me where I may call to find that dress.

Thank you very much
Dear Patricia,

Bummer! Did the saleswoman at Holt Renfrew explain why she couldn’t call the Toronto locations on your behalf? It doesn’t sound like you received the level of service I would expect from a store like Holts.

I suggest you try calling your local Holt Renfrew store and see if someone will help you. Otherwise, If you really want the dress, you may have to call another Holt Renfrew location yourself.

Alternatively, you may want to contact other stores that carry Lida Baday instead. I know The Bay on Queen St. in Toronto carries higher-end designer fashions including Lida Baday. I also suggest checking eBay since you already know your size - you may even find it for less!

I’d love to know what you decide and whether you end up finding what you want. Please leave a comment and let everyone know.

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  1. That is very poor customer service indeed. They should be able to check their computer database to determine if there is a size elsewhere.

    I was at Holt last night & the salesgirl was able to locate the size shoe I wanted & is trying to get them shipped from a Vancouver location!


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