Monday, December 07, 2009

Baby Teresa – the gift that keeps on giving

In this week’s baby bargainista column, Rebecca Atkinson shares this gift idea courtesy of Kathryn Lagden (@klagden) who suggested the idea.

If you’re looking for a gift this holiday season for a baby in your life that keeps on giving, consider a Baby Teresa outfit. The brainchild (and passion) of Tasmanian entrepreneurs Sammie Appleyard and Kirsty Dunphey, Baby Teresa “gives you an opportunity to Buy Once, Share Twice.”

When you purchase a Baby Teresa onesie, not only does the baby you purchase it for get an outfit, but so does another baby in need. For every outfit you buy, a second one is donated! At a cost of just $29.95 for a short sleeved onesie and $34.95 for those with both long sleeves and those adorable covered feetsies (Prices are in Australian dollars, which are nearly equivalent to CDN dollars right now.) That’s one feel-good holiday gift you can get behind. It’s only $5 for International postage – a bargain when you consider the cost of shipping some items across the border or across town these days. 

These 100% cotton onesies currently come in two colours, Lan Orange and Hieu Blue, and in two sizes: 0-6 and 6-12 months. There are plans to expand (at least colour wise) in the coming months/year.

Having just launched three short months ago, the first donation site was for newborns and moms in need, in the home state of the organization’s founders. Eventually these two ladies made a goal of clothing babies in need around the world. So far they’ve managed to make a second set of donations in Uganda and are looking to continue from there.

They “are inspired by the Mother Teresa quote ‘If you can’t feed 1000 people, then feed one,’ and want to help people clothe one baby.”

You can also help by spreading the word and/or by becoming a Fan on Facebook.

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