Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis’ the season - part 2

I hope you enjoy this second of two-part guest post from two savvy shoppers I work with at iStudio’s sister company. None of their suggestions are from client companies. Lauren and Lauren are in PR, both work at Fleishman-Hillard. They occasionally spend lunch window shopping and wishing to be begifted. Happy Shopping!

6) Sarah Jessica Parker brought back the flower accessory and Club Monaco has run with it making the flower accessory accessible for every woman. Whether you want all black, or a punch of colour these headbands are the perfect touch of femininity. Wear yours out with the girls, out with the boy, or in the office.

7) So we’ve just dealt with our first blast of winter…what a perfect time to break out those Sorel boots. Functional, yet with a touch of style, these boots were made for the Canadian women walking to work, the grocery store or just a night out at the movies. These boots can be found almost anywhere, but they go fast so make sure you get yours early.

8) We all know that accessories can totally make an outfit. What better time of year to spice up your favourite pair of boy jeans or that little black dress? Hidden on the top floor of a converted house in Yorkville, Betsey Johnson’s jewelry line is so unique there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

9) Let’s be honest, we live in Canada and its cold. We love long scarfs that not only keep you warm but that look great. Burberry does a great job with scarfs, and who doesn’t love matching ear muffs to create the look. While Burberry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, GAP also has long and great scarfs in different patterns.

10) With all this shopping it’s time for a quick break for High Tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Classy all the way, this afternoon delight will put a smile on anyone’s face. And who better to share an afternoon tea in the laps of luxury than with your fave lil sis who is probably the only other person out there who gets just how important all these things are.

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  1. Those Sorels look great, but I swear by my Pajars - - they are made in Montreal, are super-warm, fit extremely well, and are very fashionable. I have three pair ranging from conservative style to outrageous (red cowhide with black sheepskin trim, anyone?), and love them all. I look forward to buying more as I can afford them.

  2. Isn't it great we have so many Canadian-based boot manufacturers. Sorels are made in Ontario (somewhere in the Golden Horseshoe I think), Pajars and La Canadiennes are from Montreal.

    Pajars are lovely, they aren't as budget friendly as Sorels that start at the $99 mark. I'm hoping to score a pair over the holidays since I already splurged on a pair of La Canadiennes earlier this season. They've been great but I'd like a pair to kick around in and the Roots ones I have are 16 years old and not warm.


  3. Yes, Pajars I look for on sale. I almost feel like they are wearable collectors' items.


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