Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bargainista interviews Edmoure Ralph

I discovered a real hidden gem during my recent visits to LIV by Au Lit, a new jewellery line called Edmoure Ralph founded by two talented women both named Julie. As a gift for attending the private party, I received my first pair of Edmoure Ralph earrings. I received another pair as a gift a couple days later, as a thank you for spending more than $100 at LIV during a holiday event. Part of my purchase included an outstanding Edmoure Ralph necklace.

Today marks the official opening on Edmoure Ralph’s online store so I thought it was only fitting to publish my recent interview with Julie and Julie.

Where does the name Edmoure Ralph come from?
The name Edmoure Ralph was inspired by our grandfather’s names. We wanted the name of our company to reflect the bold yet timeless quality of our design aesthetic. The names are classic in themselves and the combination of the two evokes a certain unexpected impact – just as jewellery pieces do. It's also nice to have some sentimental meaning behind the name of our brand!

What inspires you?
Before we started Edmoure Ralph, we struggled as consumers to find jewellery that satisfied our desire for well-made pieces that are priced reasonably and look like a million bucks! There's a lot of costume jewellery out there, but it often caters to specific trends and is not necessarily designed with longevity in mind. We believe that jewellery (even if it's not “fine jewellery”) should uphold a certain quality and deserves to be enjoyed for many seasons to come. We’re inspired to produce Canadian-made, original pieces that can effortlessly transition between seasonal trends.

What inspires your designs?
We both come from design backgrounds – graphic design and art history, so we are intrinsically inspired by all things beautiful. While we constantly look to current fashion trends for ideas, we can't help but find inspiration from the past and we're naturally drawn to vintage-inspired materials. Materials like raw brass, pearls and cameos often influence our initial designs, but we also incorporate more contemporary design elements to achieve our final look. For example, the pearls might be the inspiration, but the way in which we layer them with other materials is how we achieve the Edmoure Ralph look.

When did you start designing jewellery?
For years we’ve shared design ideas and often joked about starting a jewellery line. It wasn’t until the last year or so that we joined forces to satisfy what we believe is a growing niche for a well-priced, good-quality jewellery line.

What would you like people to know about your approach to design?
The Edmoure Ralph approach to design stems from the idea that jewellery is the icing on the cake when it comes to putting a look together. We all know how our wardrobes can feel tired at times and accessorizing is an easy way to freshen up any outfit. We approach our collections with versatility in mind and strive to design jewellery pieces that can stand on their own or be layered for varying looks. Each piece is an accessory staple in its own right, but can be transformed when mixed with another!

Why Twitter and Facebook? Are they helping you build your business? How do you know?
Both Twitter (@edmoureralph) and Facebook have been essential networking tools for the growth of our new business. We’ve made so many connections with new clients and other professionals in the industry and we've also been able to get some honest feedback about our product. For a new small business, it's also been a cost-effective way to launch our line and get our name out there!

When is Edmoure Ralph’s online store opening?
Today! To celebrate the opening of the Edmoure Ralph online shop, we’re offering complimentary shipping on purchases over $100! Place your order by December 16 and we’ll make sure you receive it by December 24. Enjoy!
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  1. great interview. Free shipping on online purchases, yeay!!!


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