Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kim Vallée’s at home with the Star today

I was thrilled for my friend Kim, of At Home with Kim Vallée when I received a direct message on Twitter from her out of the blue this morning asking me to let people know she was going to be interviewed live on at noon. Readers would be able to send in their questions and if chosen, have them answered in real time.

Not only do I think Kim has an incredible sense of style and wonderful insights and advice about home entertaining but I know she’s a very bright woman who works non-stop. So, when I learned she was being featured in today’s Toronto Star, I was overjoyed for her.

If like me you were tied up at noon, have no fear. archived the discussion. Unfortunately, I can’t share the article Kim had published in the print version of the paper because it’s not available online.

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  1. Thank you so much, Eden. Since I value your judgment, it means a lot to me. FYI, they published online my article in the section. The link is

  2. Hi Kim,

    The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for the link to your article. I couldn't find it in either a search or when I scanned the sections.

    Cheers and congrats again,


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