Sunday, December 06, 2009

Experiencing FACE atelier at IMATS

By now you know I’m a big fan of both Canadian businesses and cosmetics. So, when I had the opportunity to meet Debbie Bondar, CEO of FACE atelier, I jumped at the chance. FACE atelier has developed a cult following with celebrity make-up artists and can be seen on many famous faces including Madonna and Lady Gaga.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I was more excited about – meeting an inspiring and successful woman behind a cult cosmetics firm on the verge of greatness or checking out some of the unique products in the FACE atelier line. 

Thanks to FACE atelier. I had a press pass to the recent IMATS show in Toronto. So did my friend, Anita Clarke so we decided to check it out together. We spent most of the time having our make-up applied by a make-up artist at the FACE atelier booth.

What we heard was true, the foundation is fantastic – we each got to take some Ultra Foundation Pro home – and I’ve been using mine faithfully ever since. Sorry Bobbi Brown I really liked using Skin Foundation SPF 15 but FACE atelier is a bit easier to apply, feels just as light but seems to really enhance my appearance. I’m not ready to hand over my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge just yet but I have been alternating with FACE atelier’s powder blush that comes in an easy-open, one-piece compact for easier handling.

Two products I’ve tried and will be adding to my make-up bag soon are the lip glaze (it’s not gummy or sticky like other products I’ve tried) and the transforming gel – it turns any powder into a paint – perfect for turning regular eye shadow into gel liners – I’ve either been using other gel liners but have been disappointed in the lack of colour options or mixing contact lens solution with my eye shadow with so-so results. I also came to the realizing that make-up brushes really do make a difference and it’s worth investing in the best quality ones you can afford.

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