Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis’ the season - part 1

I hope you enjoy this two-part guest post from two savvy shoppers I work with at iStudio’s sister company. None of their suggestions are from client companies. Lauren and Lauren are in PR, both work at Fleishman-Hillard. They occasionally spend lunch window shopping and wishing to be begifted. Happy Shopping!

Whether you’re celebrating Chanukah or Christmas or anything in between, this is the season to spread the joy of giving. Since we know this is the season of giving, let’s not pretend we don’t want anything, when we really do. If you’re going to give – give right. Here is the list of our holiday top 10 picks and for you gentleman reading, the way to any lady’s heart. If you get really excited and carried away, don’t worry – Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

1) The longing of every woman who loves shoes – Christian Louboutin. Maybe not a unique find that no one knows about – but they’re hot and we all know it. C. Louboutin is a French designer who started designing in 1992 after being inspired by a piece of art in a Paris museum. 17 years later we have GORGEOUS shoes with a red sole you can’t and don’t want to miss If anyone is interested, I’m at size 6 and she’s a size 7, and we have been eyeing the black suede pumps for 8 months, two weeks, three days, five minutes and 10 seconds. But whose counting.

2) We are fairly picky when it comes to underwear. And not to divulge too much, but our favourite is Hanky Panky. Not only do they come in every colour imaginable, they’re lace, one size fits all panties/thongs that don’t dig in where they shouldn’t! Who could ask for anything more? While they’re a little expensive, what do you wear more than underwear? They’ve also gone e-commerce and can be bought online. P.S. I’m wearing black boy shorts and she’s wearing the hot pink low rise thong.

3) FACE atelier, a Canadian makeup brand, is a makeup artist and celebrity favourite – worn by Lady Gaga, Rachel Ray and Fergie! The lip glazes – Peach, Flamingo and Cameo, are apparently amazing. Non sticky and cover perfectly. I’d like to see one of each in my stocking on Christmas morning. Lucky for the other Lauren, FACE atelier is her mother’s company and she’s been in the know for years! For me, I’m working to catch-up.

4) Like most women, we like perfume – you know… that extra touch to finish a look. But who wants to wear a scent named after Paris Hilton– not us. We want something more personal and voila – Aromachology, a NEW custom perfume line. It works by filling out a personality profile, and then the ladies of Aromachology blend a custom scent based on your personality. While we may have the same name, we definitely have different personalities. I think I would be Clean and Fresh, while Lauren is probably Exotic and Spicy Oriental. Check out Aromachology at The Bay on Queen Street from December 18-24.

5) Holiday season brings a lot of evening outings… and what does every girl need for an evening out? A trusty clutch. Sometimes less is more and that’s why we love the simplicity yet modern and classic look of M0851 envelope clutches. Hidden on a small side street off of Bloor Street, these clutches come in all colours and we dare you to just walk out with one.
To be continued...

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