Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bargainista talks shopping with On the Log

I met John Meadows at PodCampToronto 2008 just after he had launched a new podcast, On the Log - an interview series.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by John about the impact of technology on the shopping experience in the latest episode, The Collective Shopper.

I quite like John's mellow style. For those of you who know me, I'm working very hard to become more comfortable with the sound of my own voice. John made it all seem so easy. The interview was recorded using Skype.

Have a listen and share your thoughts.
Photo credit: bowbrick on flickr


  1. Wow--great interview! I highly recommend your readers have a listen. You discuss how things have changed in recent years with shopping and shoppers. I hadn't realized that people are doing more research online so that they know what they want when they get into the store. Would definitely apply to me.

    Most people don't really like what their own voice sounds like. You actually sound terrific--you are very well-spoken, enunciate well, and have a nice deeper female voice. A bit like me but without the silly giggling. :-)

    Great job! I hope you will do more podcasting for us.


  2. Thanks Connie! Coming from a far more experienced podcaster, that's a HUGE compliment. I also giggle a lot - don't kid yourself.

    I guess I'm better off sticking to interviews than leaving audio comments. I haven't heard the raw file but I'm sure I owe a lot to John Meadows who is an excellent interviewer and did a great job with post-production.

    Glad you learned something new. As for more podcasting, I'm still trying to sort that out. Stay tuned.


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