Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Waiting at the hairdresser with wi-fi

Earlier I told you about my hair mishaps and how I switched to another salon offering better service – and better stylists as well.

On a whim, I brought my laptop along last week when I went to Calia for colour and a cut. It was a weeknight and I really wanted to write a blog post or two instead of reading gossip mags.

Imagine my surprise when I sat down and saw a wireless router on the floor. Besides that, my colour technician told me I could use it – for free!

I was so excited, I shared the news on Twitter. Doug Walker replied: “@EdenSpodek sounds like a great way to wedge hair clippings into your keyboard...”

He’s naturally blond, but those of us who need some help to maintain our brunette locks, have to spend a lot of time sitting around waiting, waiting and waiting. People were still talking about it three days later.

Peter, the salon owner came to talk to me and tell me about his plans to renovate and create a wi-fi environment for clients while they’re waiting…

I told him about my blog and my twittering about how awesome it was to have wi-fi while having my hair done. He gave me some amazing new shampoo and conditioner for free. I had no idea he understood this space. He’s leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in my humble opinion. Now if only I could convince him to update his website...

If you decide to make an appointment and drop by, tell them I sent you.

Do you know of any local businesses providing wi-fi other than coffee shops? Do tell.

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