Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mr. B weighs in on NutriSystem

Weigh-in (Day 70):

• Tamsin – no change* (-11.7 pounds to-date)
• Eden – 1 lbs (-22.8 pounds to-date)

*Note: Tamsin spent last weekend in California and maintaining her weight must have been quite a challenge. Congratulations!

For something a little different, we thought we’d share a little insight from our husbands points of view. After all they are the ones who have been putting up with us after 10 weeks on the NutriSytem Challenge.

First, my interview with Mr. B…

B: What did you think when I told you I was going to begin the NutriSystem program for 12 weeks?

Mr. B: I was happy for you.

B: Why?

Mr. B:
You seemed to be bothered so long by your weight and you were very unhappy about your body image: the way you were complaining about how your clothes were fitting or not fitting as the case may be.

I wanted you to be happy and if this is what you felt was going to get the job done, then great. At the same time, I did have reservations that you’d be able to stick to the program when all you basically would be eating was NutriSystem food. I mean if it were me, there’s no way I could eat that stuff meal after meal, day after day. There’s just too much other food I would miss. And frankly, some of those dinners look a little less than appetizing. Looks like the type of food they probably serve at the Kingston pen.

B: What changes have you noticed since I started the program?

Mr. B: A number of things...
You’re in much better spirits. For example, on any given weekday morning, when we’re both rushing around getting ready for work, it’s nice not to hear you moan about how everything in your closet is too tight. And you complained everything made you look fat. It’s nice to see you smile when you get dressed for work now.

B: What is your biggest beef?

Mr. B: What is my biggest beef? Well, for one thing beef, or what I mean to say is in all the years we’ve been together, I’ve almost never complained about your cooking except for the infamous tuna casserole incident. So basically, I miss your cooking. While on the one hand, I’m thrilled you’ve stuck to the program and you’re able to eat that ahem “food” day after day, I find myself longing more and more for those days when you’d come to me in the morning and say “Would you like me to make such and such for you for dinner tonight?” Plus, the kids are missing out too. I realize this may come off sounding selfish but I find the kids and I eating the same thing over and over.

Bottom line: I love what NutriSytem has done for you on a number of levels but a few more home-cooked meals per week would be nice. A way to a man’s heart is through is stomach? No, sh*t. But of course, I still love you.

B: What is your biggest fear?

Mr. B: That you’ll fall off the wagon so to speak. It’s not so much that you may gain the weight back, in and of itself but what the weight gain will do to your spirit and the more positive outlook you have on life in general.

B: Is it worth the trade-off for a slimmer, more-energetic and healthier wife?

Mr. B: Absolutely! Not withstanding the answers above, I fully support you on this journey.

Tamin and her husband share their tips for Nutrisystem dining...

I have a lot of dinners, so sometimes my husband and I take split 2 of them to taste test -- especially ones that aren’t my faves. And it’s a way we get to dine together (you know, without me drooling over the table at his yummy home cooked meals).


  1. Aww, such sweet answers from Mr. B! : ) Not quite the same as him writing the post, but I'm happy he agreed to do this! Very interesting!

  2. I'll share your comment with Mr. B. He'll be happy to know at least one person read what he had to say. ;)

    Although he didn't *write* the post, he dictated and reviewed every word attributed to him.

    I'm hoping this post will give you and other readers how programs such as NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, WeightWatchers etc. impact household dynamics, especially at mealtime.


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