Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What the community did for Earth Day

In honour of Earth Day I thought I’d ask members of the twitter community what they were doing today to make a difference and help save the planet.

I got some wonderful answers:

allthingsjen @Bargainista Sending Someecards for Earth Day! Save a tree send an ecard! http://tinyurl.com/6pdqus

DoctorJones @bargainista rode my bike to a client meeting in a suit. We’ll be getting stainless water bottles at work.

@Bargainista Taking a break from electronics to clean up my back/front yard. BBQ for dinner & get recycling together for collection tomorrow

rjleaman @Bargainista my Earth Day will have lunch hour outdoors, no iPod or book or convo: just looking, listening, strolling, getting reconnected

wmacphail @Bargainista Taking my first long cycle ride into Burlington to have lunch with an old friend.

tamera @EdenSpodek I had all my electronics unplugged except my PC all day, took an extra bag w/ me on my walk in the ravine & picked up trash

danielerossi @EdenSpodek Easy: don’t shop today. Hm, Earth Day should be a day where people don't buy from the corporations and big box stores

acriley @EdenSpodek I’ve got some seeds (beans, etc.) that I am planting with the kidlette today in growers pots. This year I’m planning a garden!

As for me, I took the subway to work, got free coffee from Starbucks by bringing my own cup and refused a bag at Shoppers even though I didn’t bring my own. I got funny looks when I walked back into the office building with a handful of stuff. Actually, I didn’t do anything special - it’s pretty much what I do everyday.

What did you do to celebrate Earth Day?

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