Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chef Tamsin gets cooking with NutriSystem

Weigh-in (Day 63):
Tamsin – 1.2 lbs (-11.7 pounds to-date)
Eden – 2.3 lbs (-21.8 pounds to-date)

We're nearing the final NutriSystem-fueled weeks. I recently discovered some creative NutriSystem recipes using the NS foods, so I decided to get cooking!

I actually found a way to enjoy the powdered Scrambled Egg Mix! I added prepared as directed with boiling water, then I sauteed some red peppers, mushrooms, and onions with a little cooking spray. I added the eggs, tossed, and rolled into a wholewheat tortilla. NS eggs are mixed with cheese, so I just added some salsa. Delicious breakfast!

Many of the NutriSystem dinners are heavy on sauces or gravy. It's actually a perfect opportunity to mix in the requisite vegetable serving -- rather than eat veggies separately from the entree. I baked a small potato, steamed some broccoli and topped both with the Beef Stew. Not bad! I've also enjoyed the Chicken Dumplings with steamed bok choy.

As for the boring chicken patty, I sliced it up and stir-fried some veggies with Pam. (In many of the recipes I found, foods are often sauteed in Pam or cooking sprays.) Another way to enjoy the chicken (or beef) patty: serve as a fajita! Add a tablespoon of shredded cheese (fat serving), lots of veggies, and a whole wheat tortilla. I enjoyed this MUCH more than the NutriSystem Fajita Mix.

A little experimenting went a long way! I really enjoyed the patties served as fajitas. And I learned a lot of great tips for following NS principles outside of the program. (The discussion board on the NutriSystem website also has some great tips for maintaining your weight, post-NS) Blogger Amy posted recipes and pictures of her own “NS type” meal plan using her own foods. (While on NutriSystem, she lost an amazing 56 pounds in 6 months!)

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