Monday, July 16, 2007

Club Monaco linen Bermuda shorts

It’s easy to find sale items this time of year but it’s not always easy to find good basic summer pieces that will still be in style next year.

Although I had to check out two Club Monaco stores until I found what I wanted in the right size and colour, I found a great pair of linen Bermuda shorts for half-price! They are well-made, comfortable and dressy enough for the office when paired with a co-ordinating blazer and easy to dress down for casual weekend and evening wear.

If you’ve been following the fashion mags, Club Monaco has been singled out for designing great shorts this season. I’m so thrilled to have a pair. If you like them, try and catch them before they’re gone. I also snagged a nice, basic sage green v-neck tee for $15.

Note: Club Monaco is still receiving new summer merchandise. Be prepared for a lot of fashionable finds still at regular price.

Have you found any special items on sale lately? Leave a comment.

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  1. I know this is "Bargainista" but I don't like these summer sales... the clothes are pawed over and sometimes look so tired and worn before they've even been purchased! Retailers need to make them look pretty again and then perhaps I'll feel like perusing the racks...

  2. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Visited Club Monaco this afternoon - the linen shorts were just reduced to $19, a great buy. Also bought 2 short sleeved silk and cashmere cardigans which were reduced to $29 (originally priced at $129.) Thanks for sending me to CLub Monaco.

  3. Henna, I couldn't agree more. I get turned off when merchandise looks messy and picked over, now matter how good the price.

    Anonymous, sounds like you had an awesome afternoon. I'll have to seei if I can get a price adjustment. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Price adjustment time: I got $36 back and traded it in for 2 tees, 1 tank and a pair of cropped leggings. What a deal!

  5. Club Monaco shorts, the only place that makes a good short in my mind. Waiting for some of the others to go on sale right now.

    Those linen ones had pleats, it was a shame.

  6. Anonymous10:28 am

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