Monday, July 30, 2007

TFBB IX - the recap

Brassaii was host to our first TFBB mid-afternoon bite. Knowing several of the gang would be at the debut of Carolyn’s band, Satan’s Candy the night before, we decided to have a fashionably late 2 p.m. brunch. What style!

We had an intimate group of bloggers:
Anita Clarke of I want - I got and blogTO
Carolyn Rohaly of the TFI blog
Danielle Meder of finalfashion
Henna Singh of Canadian Beauty
Sonja Andic of Toronto Street Fashion
Gail McInnes of the Plutino Group
Ali de Bold of Chick Advisor
first timer, Jenna Wilson of Girl from Auntie

and friends:
Tierre Taylor, photographer extraordinaire, of SNAP Downtown Toronto; and,
Barry Freedman - a reader who shared his interesting insights about mens' fashions and international travel.

We had some lively discussions including:
Satan’s Candy's debut performance the previous night
Toronto Fashion Week (again)
local designers and artists
Moo cards
copyright issues for bloggers
creative manicures, especially the custom hand-painted designs sported by Carolyn

And speaking of food...
Brassaii came through once again and we’re getting better at dealing with the “no individual bill” policy.

photo credit: Tierre Taylor, SNAP Downtown Toronto via finalfashion on flickr

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