Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Misadventures in shoe shopping

Oh, why do I always wait until the last minute to buy shoes. I have a tough foot to fit and I’m very picky. It’s probably just my optimistic nature and refusal to pay full-price every time I want a new pair of shoes.

On my way to a movie a few days ago , I took a detour into Town Shoes. There wasn’t a lot on sale in my size. I found 3 pairs of black summer shoes I liked and I probably would have been happy with any of them.

Only one problem: it was getting close to showtime and not one salesperson acknowledged me. Oh well, their loss. I’ll find something else, I know I will. Please tell me I will. I will won’t I?

Have you bought any shoes lately? Have any poor customer service stories to share? Leave a comment.

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  1. Anonymous12:01 am

    Hello Bargainista,

    I've had the exact opposite happen to me this week! Thomas, a great salesperson at Nine West on Bloor, took the time to call several stores to find a SALE pair of shoes for me, without my having to ask. I wanted a second pair in a different style and he told me to leave my info and that he would call around to find those as well and would call me when both came in. Now that's service and Thomas is getting all my Nine West shoe business from now on. /Jyo

  2. Anonymous9:20 am

    I had a great experience in the Rockport store in the eaton centre. I needed comfortable walking shoes with a bit of style for traipsing around Paris (yes i like rubbing it in :P). I have very large, narrow feet and i'm lucky to find one pair in an entire store to fit my foot. Rockport had 2 styles that worked which meant i had a choice. this was a completely brand new experience. which meant many prolonged minutes of me trying each pair again and trying to decide which shoes to buy. the salesperson was incredibly patient and helped me talk through the pros/cons of each. with shoes in hand i'm ready to walk the champs-elysees!

  3. Jyo, I only wish I Nine West shoes fit me. They have some great styles, just not for my feet. There sales never seem to be more than 25% off (buy one, get one 50% off).

    K, I'll have to try Rockport again. I went there early in the season. The sandals that fit weren't in the colour I wanted. They were supposed to call when the reorder came in. I never heard back and forgot about them 'til now when I read your post. I have long, narrow feet too. Wish there was more choice...

  4. It's the reason why I refuse to purchase shoes from stores that ignore me.

    I've had great experience with Capezio on Bloor, but I suppose I'll have to try out Nine West on Bloor too ;)

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    Even I had this bad experience.

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