Saturday, July 07, 2007

Introducing weekly polls on Bargainista

I’ve been shopping writing constantly for the past 9 months sharing my shopping experiences with you. Some of you have commented but I really have little way of knowing if you like it here. Starting now I’m going to have a weekly poll so you can help me learn what works, what doesn’t and how to give you more of what you want. I may be the facilitator but Bargainista is a community of people including you.

Please do your part, take a few seconds each week and answer the poll. You’ll be glad you did.


  1. Love the poll feature. Great way to get people to participate that don't otherwise leave a comment.

    Can you embed this functionality with in a blog posting itself - or does it need to be a self-contained spot on the left or right bars?

  2. It's a new feature in Blogger (Blooger Draft) and as far as I know it needs to be in a self-contained spot and can't be embedded in a blog post. There are other applications you can use such as PollDaddy that can be embedded into blog posts.


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