Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weekly wish - a trip to Colette

I don’t travel much so to get outside of Canada (or even Toronto for that matter), I often have to do so vicariously through others, tv, movies or online. Last Sunday, I watched the last 30 seconds of Fashion File and a preview for a segment about Colette on an upcoming episode, caught my eye.

I’d never heard of Colette before but I was intrigued. It’s a magnificent looking shop on Sainte-Honoré in Paris. Their tag line is “styledesignartfood” and from what I can see on their website, it seems like a cornucopia of everything awesome under one roof.

I’m not going to tell you too much because you should see for yourself. Colette even offers “Justin” dance lessons and special screenings. I’ve included several screenshots to give you an idea of what it’s all about but nothing beats the real thing. So this week, you guessed it, I want a trip to Paris including an all-expense paid visit to Colette - who wouldn’t?

But if Paris isn’t in the cards, visit the website. I know it’s not like visiting Paris but it’s so engaging and you’ll enjoy the virtual escape. Just be prepared to spend at least a half hour checking it out. There are wonderful animated robot-like mascots, cool music - 5 new tunes each week, games and of course shopping! You can even download Colette wallpaper designed by Jeremy Scott.

Have you been to Colette? What did you think? Did you visit the website? Was it awe-inspiring for you too? Leave a comment.

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  1. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Collette is as close to shopping utopia as you can get, Bargainista. It's surreal. Loved it when I was there years ago. It's always on my list when I'm in Paris. /Jyo

  2. Anonymous11:02 am

    Darn - wish i was reading your blog when i was in paris! i just got back and would definitely have made a trip to Collette. i did get a funky new bag from an artisan store in the montmarte area though so i did all right.

  3. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Jyo, thanks for confirming my suspicions about Colette. Now I wish I could go there even more then when I published the post last week.

    Kathryn, I'm sure you did alright. As much fun as it is to visit shops on the recommendation of others, it's as rewarding to find your own places to explore.


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