Monday, July 09, 2007

Sole searching at Browns

After much complaining about my misadventures in shoe shopping, I actually found two fabulous pairs at great prices at Browns. Well I actually found three pairs but with a bit of a hassle, I was able to return the first pair at another store within 20 minutes after I bought them.

Back to Browns. So I bought a pair of sandals at another store out of fear I wouldn't find a pair of comfortable black sandals. I really wanted a pair with just the right combo of fashion, fit and function. I ended up settling for fit and function. But I didn't stop there.

I ventured over to Browns. They are having an amazing sale - up to 70% off with 25% off the purchase of any and every additional sale item! They are also the only store with racks of shoes in all sizes, so I had lots to choose from. At first, nothing I tried fit properly.

Then I discovered a great pair of Camper sandals on another rack and they were almost half price. They were with shoes in a different size but since I had nothing to lose, I went ahead and tried it on. It fit! Talk about a Cinderella moment. ; ) I looked at the bottom and saw it actually was my regular size but had been misplaced. And with an additional 25% off any other sale items, I thought I'd better find another pair.

I found a cool pair of Puma leather walking shoes at 70% off. Add another 25% off and those babies originally priced at $180 were mine for a mere $38 plus tax. Score!

Good news you can use:
This sale is online too and includes free shipping for a limited time.
I found they still have lots of designer brands in stock at good prices (sometimes lower than some of their competitors).
As for their return policy: 15 days full-refund for unworn shoes w/bill; after that they will give you an exchange or credit.

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  1. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Hi, I was just wondering if the extra 25% off was an in-store promotion only.


  2. I think it was and in-store promotion but they still have free shipping online. The online and in-store promos probably amount to almost the same savings. Let us know what you find.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm going to go to the nearest Browns (which isn't even a real Browns - it's the ones in the Bay) and see what they have there. If all else fails, I'll order online. Thanks for the heads up on the sale!


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