Sunday, August 26, 2007

My afternoon with Joe

I’ve been pining over Joe for a long time. He’s so good looking but I kept hearing he was cheap so I wasn’t sure if he was really for me. I’ve heard he's pretty fresh too. ; )

All kidding aside, my friend Cori edged me on. She told me how her fashionably chic friend draped in designer clothes wears Joe all the time. No one would ever know she only paid $6 for that t-shirt she’s wearing with her $300 pants.

Cori said the best place to find Joe was at the Real Canadian Superstore. I’d wanted to take my little guy to Joe Fresh since the kids’ line hit the market. So into the magic bus (aka minivan) we went.

To say I was overwhelmed by Joe’s presence would be an understatement. He was everywhere. I was duly impressed but truth be told, he was a little too cheap for my tastes. My nine-year-old thought otherwise. He wanted to take Joe home. I figured it couldn’t hurt. He found a fleece jacket for $10 and matching pants for $8 – a perfect fit. He chose a polo shirt for $8 and a graphic t-shirt for $5. His favourite find were the pj separates ($14 for both pieces).

To be honest, the separates look just as nice and well-made as other kids’ clothes at other value-priced chain stores: Children’s Place, Old Navy and H&M. I’m not sure if it’s up to par with The Gap. Joe kids had an impressive launch party and marketing campaign. The website has some interesting interactive features too. The line looks much better in the ads but then what do you expect for kids’ separates at these prices. Only time will tell if it stands up to the active-kid test. ; )

I was very impressed with the “Robeez” knock-offs for tots. And at $12, they’re less than half the price of the original.

So as you can see, Joe was just a bit too fresh for me but Joe Fresh kids’ line was a perfect place to start our back-to-school shopping.

Have you been to Joe Fresh? What did you think? Have you seen the kids’ line?

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  1. Anonymous9:19 am

    I picked up a couple of Joe's tees at the beginning of the summer and i've been very happy with them. I even expect to get another season out of one of them. (the other one met the wrong side of a spoon covered in spaghetti sauce).

  2. Since I'm notorious for ruining clothes with food stains, perhaps I should give Joe another look. ; )

    BTW, I washed the kid clothes and they still look brand new.

  3. Good job did... The photographer should be given the credit of this pic... I love the out fit and the walking Shoes he is wearing....Good post to go... Thanks

  4. Thanks Sunny. I occasionally use corporate photos and retailers haven't seemed to mind 'cause of the free publicity. I have no idea who the photographer is but if you do, I'd be happy to give credit.

    BTW, the boy isn't wearing men's walking shoes. If you'd like to discuss a post for, please e-mail me. I'm not crazy about all the random links I've been receiving lately.


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