Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weekly Wish: your help in the 1% Army Canadian Blogging Tournament

Okay, so you’re probably thinking what??? What the heck is she talking about now? Once again, Sean Moffitt aka Buzz Canuck has organized a friendly competition: The 1% Army Canadian Blogging Tournament for 128 bloggers covering a wide range of topics (e.g. marketing, communication, customer experience and social media.)

I kinda got into this whole thing by accident. I signed up as one of the Canadian blogs with related content since I cover some of the things on the list, particularly customer experience. I didn’t realize I was entering a competition of some of the best bloggers in the country, many of whom have inspired me!

So far, just by participating in the 1% army, I’ve met two other amazing bloggers and it’s only the beginning. But to stay in the game, I need your help. There are several rounds. The competition is steep.

For starters, Bargainista is in category C: Marketing, Communications and Research. I’ve been pitted against three impressive guys who’ve been at this much longer. Round 1 entries are due by September 8. I need to submit three blog posts written in 2007, including one written since August 11.

Entries are evaluated by an expert panel of 12 judges based on 5 criteria:
overall impact (20%)
clarity of thought (20%)
did it make me want to think/act differently (20%)
did it want me to comment/participate (20%)
originality (20%)

Since Bargainista has always been about YOU, the community, this is a team effort. You inspire me to write each and every word. And you guessed it… This week my wish is for your help in selecting the three posts for Round 1. YOU be the judge!

Here’s my take of the Bargainista Top 10 list in order of appearance:
Starbucks - the epilogue
Why I use Twitter and why you should too!
Are you Coach worthy?
After a Fashion, second excursion: the metamorphosis
Weekly Wish: shoes from Holts
Apples, lemon and honey: my iMac story
TaB energy falls flat
Special invitation for Bargainista readers: ChickAdvisor Shop Crawl
The Line Painter and online book offers
Online shopping: Neiman Marcus gets it

Choose the three you feel have best met the criteria. You may even want to add a brief note as to why. Or suggest another post altogether. The choice is yours. Only one catch, please let me know by September 5. You can leave a comment or e-mail me.

In return, I will do my best to involve you every step of the way. I’ve already made friends with Saul Colt (The Smartest Man in the World) and Kim Vallee (At Home with Kim Vallee), two wonderful bloggers you may want to add to your list of must-reads. More than anything, if together we can learn about other interesting blogs and meet other inspiring bloggers, we will all be winners.

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  1. I would go with the first three

    • Starbucks - the epilogue
    • Why I use Twitter and why you should too!
    • Are you Coach worthy?

    These fit all the judging categories and will give you a great chance to beat up on the other three bloggers :)

  2. I would go with
    -weekly wish: shoes from Holt's (because it made me want to comment)
    -Tab Energy falls flat (because it's clear, succinct and impactful)
    -ChickAdvisor Shop Crawl (because it's original and engaging)

    Best of luck!!

  3. Oooh! You've each chosen three entirely different posts and all six are near and dear to my heart. Not sure how much I'll be able to beat up on the other bloggers but it would be fun to stay in the game. ; )

    I'm curious to see what others will say. Thanks for your help.

  4. Anonymous2:22 pm

    You made my list of 5 new blogs to celebrate Blog Day 2007. Read more on my blog in a few minutes.

    I am glad that the tournament gave us the chance to know each other.

  5. I've got my nominations narrowed down.

    Why I use Twitter and why you should to
    - for awesome use of Twitter to deliver a useful service to the Bargainista community.

    TaB energy falls flat
    - because Crazy Nails and the Soho Bistro with the girls is a great excuse to dissect a (pretty brutal) blogger relations campaign

    The Line Painter and online book offers
    - for insight into Facebook marketing, community-building and word-of-mouth and a book review to boot

  6. Great insights everyone! I should ask for this type of feedback more often.

    Any thoughts on posts since August 11? What type of posts would you like to see in the future?

    Leona, you'll have to join us at cozy nails next time. I'm thinking September 15 - a post “Walk” pedicure will be in order. Saul, you're welcome to join us too. ; )


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