Monday, August 20, 2007

Sucked in by Sephora

My make-up habits are routine. I had the benefit of having a Bobbi Brown make-up artist review my habits last May. I love Bobbi Brown but to be honest, with the exception of a regime of concealer products that cost a small fortune, my appearance is pretty much the same.

All that changed when I stopped into Sephora with my niece who was visiting me from Montreal. She loves Sephora and it’s a must-see every time she’s in town. This time, she thought about having a makeover and had cold feet ‘cause she thought she’d be obligated to buy the products they used on her face. I kept telling her she didn’t have to buy anything. So, she took my advice and tried a new look. The make-up artist was amazing and made sure to teach every step along the way.

I couldn’t just stand by and watch, so just for fun, I asked to try the new smoky eye look for fall. I had my choice of which type of smoky eye I wanted. I was open to suggestion. She demonstrated both an intense and not-so-intense look. They both looked great but involved a much more made-up look than I’m used to. My niece thought it looked amazing. And wouldn’t you know, CARGO has a limited edition smoky-eye kit exclusive to Sephora for $45. It includes a fabulous brush, black mascara and a grey SmokyEye Eyeliner Duo. Individually priced, the items total $86. What a bargain. I had to buy it. Luckily, a CARGO rep was on-site and she spent another 15 min. with me showing me how to achieve a smoky-eyed look suitable for the office.

But what lipstick would I use? NARS has a wonderful pale colour, Belle de Jour. It’s a perfect complement for the smoky-eye look. I usually wear MAC Viva Glam but I couldn’t pass this one up even for the hefty $30 price tag.

So there you have it… a little trip to Sephora with my niece cost me $75 big ones plus tax. My niece bought a couple sale items for her mom and sister – total costs: about $25. Oh well, at least she still thinks her aunt in Toronto is cool. ; )

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