Friday, August 03, 2007

Tip of the Week: to tip or not to tip?

BMO/Mozaik MasterCard recently released a study examining our tipping habits.

Canadians apparently are lousy tippers, except at restaurants. When it comes to other services, if we tip at all, it’s usually quite low.

Americans are very generous. In some European countries, it’s customary not to tip (sometimes tips are included in the price.)

Most of us (a whopping 78%) know a 15% tip is the standard for restaurant servers. What about other services? For example, do you tip your hair stylist? What if she owns the salon?

What do you think of tip jars? How much do you tip?

photo credit: Margaret Hall on flickr

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  1. Anonymous2:17 am

    I tip hairdressers depending on how well they cut my hair. If I don't like it, I still tip, but less. If I really like it, I tip quite a bit more (Approx 30%)

    I believe in tipping based on how I get my service. If I'm really happy with the service, I have no problem tipping over 15%.

    If you tip 15% and up for crappy service, I think that the waiter will have a hard time figuring out that his/her customer was unsatisfied.


  2. Sue, you're very generous. Do you tip for services other than restaurants and hair?

    What about tip jars at coffee shops?

  3. Canadians aren't lousy tippers, we just happen to live next the U.S. that doesn't pay a decent minimum wage (particularly for service industry workers) nor has adequate social programs. Canadian service industry workers see what Americans get and expect the same, despite not having the same economic necessity.

    Besides, it's absurd the claims the article supported for whom and how much should be tipped. Why should someone who pours you a coffee get a tip, but the a person (uncommissioned) who spends an hour with you helping pick out the right camera for you not get a tip?

  4. I think the person helping you with your camera is being paid more than the person pouring your coffee but I still don't like tip jars.


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