Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weekly wish – Roots uptown bag

Every now and then, I regret some of my shopping decisions. Like last spring when Roots had weekend sale with 25% off everything in the store.

I thought I wanted a new purse, a black one similar to my Coach bag, small with a shoulder strap. I was rushed and figured I’d have another chance during the summer sale. Wrong!

By sale time, some purses in funky colours were available but the black ones were gone. Of course, Roots upped it’s game by introducing some new designs at regular price. I like the new Uptown Bag in black patent leather. I'd like it even more if it was in prince leather. No sale, no rush. I thought maybe if I wait...

I may get at least part of my wish after all. This morning I received a coupon for 25% off new merchandise from now through August 12. I haven’t found a prince version of the bag online, maybe I’ll find it in the store.

If you’re wishing from something new from Roots this weekend, you’re in luck. I’m also sharing my coupon with you. If you use it, let me know what you buy.

Do you have any regrets for not buying something this summer? What’s your weekly wish?

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  1. Bargainista:

    Thank you for passing along the coupon! Yesterday I took a friend shopping. Her items were all sale items, so the coupon didn't work for hers, but I bought the Village bag in prince leather (a rich chocolate brown that will go with both my brown and black outfits).

    I also picked up a yoga top, and a cozy wrap jacket from their new yoga line which will be perfect for travel--lightweight, good for plane, hotel or even restaurant. I can't find it on their website--it is black with brown stitching and waist tie, made of tencel and lycra. I am not sure what tencel is, but it feels like a very soft cotton.

    I also used the coupon to buy a metal waterbottle for my workouts. The usual price is close to $40. These are healthier to use than plastic waterbottles since you don't get the chemicals leaching out over time into your water. The metal also keeps the water cool (or hot) for long treks.

    And along with my 25% savings, since I purchased over $100 I received two free passes to the movies-- Cineplex/Odeon/Famous Players. My friend and I then headed over to Silver City Eglinton and watched No Reservations with our coupons.

    So, all around it was a sweet deal.

    Thank you, Bargainista!!!

  2. Connie, wow! you're comment could be another post on it's own. The Village bag is great too and I love the chocolate brown.

    I actually found the Uptown bag in Prince leather too. Only thing is both versions have gold hardware; I prefer silver. I'm waiting to see if one with silver hardware is coming out before August 12.

    Thanks for the tip about the metal water bottle. I'm forever toting a plastic one around and probably should make switch, especially with the Walk coming up.

    Yes, movie passes do make the deal much sweeter.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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