Friday, August 10, 2007

Tip of the Week: stocking up at sale time

If you can still find them, now is time to score that fabulous pair of designer shoes you’ve been eyeing but didn’t want to buy at full price. If you can find something you can wear year round, bonus! It’s also a good time to buy special clothes you think will still be in style next year. If you’re lucky you can score some great finds.

Seems like my kids are growing like weeds. I’m constantly buying them new clothes to replace the almost-new ones they’ve just outgrown. It’s tough keeping up. If you’re good at estimating how much they grow within a year, end of season sale time is a great time to stock up for next summer.

Keep an eye out for non-seasonal items too. At sale time, I often stumble upon household or gift items at great prices too.

Some of my recent finds:
75% off
Linen shorts and t-shirts (Club Monaco)
Guest book and board games (Essence du Papier)

Board games and coffee mugs (Starbucks)
Greeting cards (Essence du Papier)

Remember, things are only a bargain if you actually need them. I used to have a bad habit of buying things just because they were marked way down. Problem was, I forgot I had them.

Do you stock up at sale time? If so, what do you buy? Have you ever stocked up then forgot you had something?

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  1. Great tip!

    My mother is visiting from out of town and we've spent the last 2 days shopping the sales.

    A couple of great finds for us Plus-girls:
    - Addition Elle has a line of MXM Kate & Emma tees (round and v-neck) that fit great, come in a wide range of funky colours and are finally tees that fit and look good. They have store-wide sales for 50% off already reduced prices which means we got a selection of tees and tanks for under $10 each. (And a slick pair of yoga pants for $10 too) New outfits all around!

    - Cotton Ginny (the one in First Canadian Place) is having a heavy duty sale on their summer-wear too. Both the Plus and the other. We walked out with 8 tops for $76 taxes included.

    Both sales are well worth checking out if you need new colours for under your fall jackets or simply are looking to freshen up your look for the remainder of the season.

  2. Awesome, Lex.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I could not agree more! This is the time to score for next year and the next few months of summer. The shopping bags are starting to pile up in my hallway, but my wallet is stil happy :)
    sonja andic

  4. Sonja, What's filing up those bags and where's it from? Inquiring shoppers want to know. ; )


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