Sunday, December 10, 2006

Calling all bookworms - part 2

University Health Network (UHN) has teamed up with Indigo for a new fundraising program and it won't cost you a thing - other than the price of the merchandise.

This is the first time a Canadian hospital has worked with a major bookseller in this way. It's the start of an alliance between UHN and Indigo to support improved health and wellness information for patients and the public.

What you need to do:
When shopping online at Indigo, start by visiting and follow instructions.

What Indigo will do:
Indigo will donate a portion of the sale (8.5% for books/music/DVDs; 6% for toys) to support UHN's patient education programs.

Seems pretty simple now, doesn't it?

Note: Used books, iPods, and gift certificates are not included in the program. Other conditions apply.

Weekend offer: Indigo has a buy 3 books get the 4th one free in their stores today (not online.)

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