Friday, December 15, 2006

(Wii) rumor has it...

Update: Ninetendo is replacing defective wrist straps after all. Shouldn't there be a notice on their Canadian website too? Note: Wiis shipped from early December on probably have the newer wrist straps.

Last night, I wrote about the Wii. Coincidentally, I began the post with the word "Rumor" and that's exactly what's happened between the time I went to bed and the time I woke up this morning - a Wii rumor has been circulating the globe.

Rumor has it, Ninetendo recalled the controller because the wrist straps keep braking, causing injuries and accidents. As I write this, it's only a rumor and the Wii controllers with wrist staps haven't been recalled.

Who knows, maybe by the time you read this, the rumor will be true and we'll have some real news? Sounds like Ninetendo's pr and marketing gurus will have their work cut out for them today.

Coincidentally, the flyer I received from Toys 'R Us this morning, confirms they will have 20 Wiis in stock starting tomorrow for one week. I can't tell whether or not they will be selling 20 Wiis a day or 20 for the entire week - can you?

Note: when I posted this morning, the newest Toys 'R Us flyer hadn't been added to their website but I wanted to include the link for you. Starting tomorrow, they are also stocking some of the other hard to get toys of the season.

Leave a comment or e-mail me if you hear anything.

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