Tuesday, December 12, 2006

’Tis the season - for shopping

Note: This post was originally published by fellow blogger and guest contributor, Glen Farrelly on Webslinger.

Bah humbug. Christmas is coming and I'm about as excited about that as Scrooge.

The one thing that has made Christmas better (other than my 2-year-old daughter and her great love of decorations, "Tanta" and wanting Christmas trees for her Christmas presents) has been the ability to shop online. Avoiding the insanity of malls and stress of last-minute shopping at this time by surfing the Net, has been a big plus.

InternetRetailer.com has published a great review of the best e-Commerce sites, Top 50 Retail Sites.

In addition to an insightful review of the 50 sites, they also publish the web management details of the site, such as web analytics solution, designers, content management system used, e-mail marketing, etc.

Among the trends for e-Commerce sites noted by InternetRetailer.com are increasing use of:
1) online video (e.g. NetFlix running movie trailers or BuildaBear.com displaying videos of in-store parties)

2) customer product reviews (I love this and have purchased many DVDs & books based on customer feedback - I've also avoided some too)

3) social networking (e.g. AbeBooks has a book-lovers networking site)

Now to finish my Christmas shopping before I'm visited by pesky ghosts...

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