Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas countdown

With only 7 more shopping days until Christmas and only 5 days left of Chanukah, most stores have already started their big end of season sales.

This week, instead of boring you with sale info, I'll share some interesting stories, gift ideas, hidden gems and other goodies in keeping with the holiday spirit. Please let me know if there's something special you wish to share this week.

If you haven't been following Mish's Playgound, and think diamonds ARE a girl's best friend, a must-read is The right kind of bling. Since the release of Leo's new flick Blood Diamond, there's been a heightened awareness of conflict diamonds.

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  1. Hey Eden,

    Yes, diamonds are a girls best friend...they just have to be ethical diamonds.

    I actually have a very good "find' for you. My little brother asked for a button maker this season. Yes! A button maker - where the hell does one find that. So I did a search and found a 1-800 site out of the US and a Toronto blog called babble. The USD price was $169 whereas the Cdn price was $296. Which one do you think landed up being cheaper and quicker?

  2. Agreed, re: ethical diamonds. My engagement ring is pre-1990 which gives me some peace of mind.

    That is a good find. I found another gift item selling for much less in USD than it does here. I think I smell another story. Thx.


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