Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wii watch

Rumor has it, the Wii will be available at a Toys 'R Us near you this Saturday ... but you'll have to get there early and probably have to wait in line. Please don't quote me - go check for yourself.

I also heard there was a shipment at a Future Shop location this week. My friend bought one and they wouldn't let her take it out of the store until they packed it in another box so no one would no she was carrying one around!

This holiday season, if you're like most of the moms of 'tween boys (and some girls) I know, you're either one of the lucky ones who already bought your kids a Wii or one of the frantic ones searching every electronics department in the city hoping to be there at the very moment the next shipment arrives.

I've only seen a Wii in action once. It's great seeing kids get off their butts to play with a gaming console and there is something different about the Wii. There truly is a revolution of sorts. It's the first time I remember, since the days of Pong and Ms. Pacman, women want to play too. :)

I understand the laws of supply and demand but at this time of year, there's nothing worse than creating such a high demand for a toy or gift item that people will go to any lengths just to buy that "must have" item for their loved ones.

Anyway, despite some accidents and glitches and the challenges of finding it, my kids really want one. I'll bet other readers want one too. So, if you know where we can find one this weekend, please let us know.

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