Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yorkdale's Gifting Personalities List

Yorkdale launched a terrific online marketing campaign with the help of a marketing company called Dotfusion Express. They've created a "Gifting Personalities List."

10 Gifting Personalities are:
  1. The Fashionista
  2. The Connoisseur of Cuisine
  3. The Gardening Guru
  4. The Eternal Hostess
  5. The Jet Setter
  6. The Teen Spirit
  7. The Scorekeeper
  8. The Gadget Geek
  9. The Pet Person
  10. The Caffeine Fiend
Of course, I relate to the Fashionista :) I also feel an affinity with the Caffeine Fiend. Which one are you?

The e-mail campaign is as follows. I received a message in my in box with two links. The first one goes to an online greeting card so I could view the "10 Gifting Personalities." The online card presents ten different personality types - one one each "two-page spread." On the left there is an illustration of the person; on the right there's an illustration of an activity that person would enjoy with and itemized list of gifts that type of person would like, where in the mall to buy it and the price - and there is something in every one's range (exec pt if you're shopping for the Fashionista, her gifts list is a tad pricey.)

What a simple solution to my gift shopping dilemma. Now I'll know what to buy for everyone on my list. :)

The second link goes to one of those send to a friend and win lists. If you'd like me to send the promo to you, send me an e-mail providing permission to do so and who knows, maybe one of us will will a $1,000 shopping spree.

In one other bit of sleek mall marketing news, they've launched another new feature called "Sales & Promotions". When you click on the icon, you'll get a list of in-store promotions. I suspect by the meagre list, only stores that pay for the privilege are included.

Magi, the jeweller, has a special promotion for people who can find it online:

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