Sunday, June 24, 2007

Check out chocolate Tylenol for kids

I don’t usually plug drugs but after enduring the weekend watching my little one suffering with a bad bout of strep throat, I just have to tell you about chocolate Tylenol.

My little guy was so sick he didn’t want to take anything for his fever. His throat was killing, his tummy ached. The bottle of grape flavoured Tylenol in our medicine cupboard just wasn't doing it for him.

So, I caved, spent double the dough and picked up a box of Children's Tylenol with Flavor Creator. It’s your basic bottle of unflavoured children’s liquid Tylenol along with 20 flavour packs (strawberry, apple, bubble gum and believe-it-or-not, chocolate).

Well guess what? My little critic loves the chocolate flavour and has since tried the others. According to him, apple is okay, strawberry is yucky and chocolate is by far the best. The verdict is still out on bubble gum - for what I’ve paid for this stuff I sure hope it’s tasty because the pack comes with twice as many bubble gum flavour packs as the others.

I’m just glad my little one is starting to feel better and his fever is gone.

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  1. FINALLY! I only wish they had this when I was a kid. Having to have that stuff forced down my throat was murderous. I would've loved a chocolate syrup...


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