Friday, June 15, 2007

Tip of the Week - upgrading a BBQ

Just in time for Father’s Day, I thought I’d kick off this series with a tip about BBQs...

I wanted to buy my husband a BBQ for Father’s day, but he bought me one a few weeks ago for our anniversary instead.

He learned a tip I’m going to share with you... you can upgrade a BBQ. I had no clue, did you?

He was going to buy a more expensive model but was told he was better off buying a less expensive model, spending an additional $90 and upgrading the grills.

In the end, it probably cost him the same amount of money as the higher-priced model but he ended up with a better quality BBQ. Works for me, how about you?

Do you have a BBQ tip to share? What are you doing for Father’s Day? What's your favorite Father’s Day Gift? Leave a comment.

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  1. Great tip! My darling husband is an avid BBQ chef, I'll keep the grill upgrade idea in mind for next Father's Day.

    For this year I bought him a lovely bottle of 20-year-old port. Nothing says "you're a great dad" than an invitation to get your drink on. :)

  2. Maybe you can help me with wine tips for an upcoming post. ; )


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