Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Weekly wish - lessons at dish cooking studio

I’m so excited. I finally got my wish and signed up for a cooking class at dish cooking studio.

I won a $250 gift card at a silent auction almost two years ago and haven’t found the right combination of time availability and class that appealed to me until now. I’m going to take The Art of Grilling with Elena Embrioni and Charmaine Baan.

I’m so excited. So is my husband. You see, since I launched my blog, began camping out at CaseCamp, started shopping in SL and found all sorts of friends on Facebook, I’ve neglected my chores in the kitchen.

Last weekend, for our anniversary, he surprised me with a new BBQ. I’ve cooked dinner every night ever since. I guess you could say it’s really his wish that came true this week. ; )

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  1. You'll love Dish! I went out a couple of months ago and had a fantastic evening... We made a great meal that I might even be able to repeat at home (and I can barely handle Kraft Dinner!).

  2. Thanks for stopping by...

    Which course did you take? What did you learn to cook? Was it hands-on?

    I've enjoyed Trish Magwood's shows on the Food Network so I have high expectations. Good to know I'm not deluding myself.

  3. Anonymous12:49 pm

    i took my dad to a cooking lesson at dish a couple of years ago. we had a great time and ended up cooking the same meal for a family dinner a few months later. and i still use the salad dressing recipe from that course. yummy!


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