Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sometimes it pays to spend more

Sometimes it’s worth spending an extra couple of dollars. It all depends on how you define value.

On Sunday, I took my kids out for a walk along Bayview. Being with the boys, we didn’t enter any of the cool clothing or accessory shops. Instead we went to a wonderful bookstore - The Flying Dragon - one of the few independents left in the city. I gladly bought my son a book even though I have a discount and gift card at the big box bookstore, you know which one I mean. ; )

Next we stumbled upon a nondescript no-frills shop, Strategy Games and Accessories. My 8-year-old found the TipOver game he wanted. I had promised him something special earlier that day. He’s become acutely aware of prices. (Hmm, maybe it has something to do with having a mom also known as Bargainista.) So, he quickly pointed out the game was less expensive than it had been at a store where he’d seen it the day before, but still more expensive than our neighbourhood toy store. We decided to stop there on our way home but had a change in plans...

After speaking with the man running the store, we learned it was part of a non-profit organization. The Chess’n Math Association runs chess clubs in schools in Ontario and Quebec. (My younger son is a member; my older son used to belong.) The man looked up an obscure game my son had played in school. It wasn’t available anymore. He told us about boardgamegeek.com - a game rating website - he’d try and find us a new copy of the game even though it hasn’t been manufactured in years.

I couldn’t get the boys out of the store. They shared some brainteasers with him and he reciprocated. So much for our walk! In the end, I bought my son his game right then and there - an additional $3 well spent.

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  1. Hey, Bargainista .. really great piece! The same sentiment occurred to me as we're preparing to pre-order our Harry Potter 7 books. So Misguided gave us a great recommendation on a local Vancouver book store.

    And I love that TipOver game. It was in the swag bag at TED last year and I spent a little too much time obsessing about it. :)

    Cheers .. Kate

  2. Hey Kate, Glad you liked my post. I still have to try TipOver - I haven't been able to get near it since it's been in the house and it's calling my name.


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