Friday, June 01, 2007

Shoe shopping - a tale of two stores

I almost found the perfect pair of sandals at Capezio. They were Franco Sarto, black patent leather, open-toe sling backs. I really wanted bronze. The chain had none left in my size. So I settled for my second choice and bought them anyway.

The store wasn’t that busy but the sales staff seemed to be a bit preoccupied. The guy who helped me, was pleasant. When I paid for the shoes, he told me I’d need to buy some patent care. I told him I didn’t have my VIP card with me but I was a Sole Advantage member. He checked his binder but my name wasn’t there. (That’s strange. I signed up last fall and have a card at home.) No problem, he would just stamp my bill and my loyalty points would be tracked by head office. Everything was okay and I went on my way.

A couple days later, I decided I preferred the bronze colour. I called the new Town Shoes at Yonge and Eglinton. A perky woman answered the phone with the tag line, “Town Shoes, where we love shoes as much as you do.” I wanted to gag but I digress. ; )

I knew they carried the Franco Sartos I wanted and asked her if she had them in bronze size 9.5. She found a pair and put them on for me. I dashed down there right after work.

The salesperson was very polite and helpful. When I was ready to pay, she turned me over to the cashier.

First the cashier checked the each shoe, made sure they were a pair and added a sticker with a confirmation code inside the shoe box. She asked if I’d like them treated with patent care and polished them for me - I’d need to spray them every six wears.

Then, she gave me a new Schick Quattro razor. Yes, it’s bit of a strange promo for a shoe store but I needed a new one anyway and didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Next, I was offered membership in their shoes-aholics club and a ballot for a chance to win a pair of shoes. I learned a winner is drawn monthly from each location. Not bad odds, eh?

And as for service online, I have yet to receive an e-newsletter from Capezio but receive frequent ones from Town Shoes (I signed up for both lists months ago.) You may also want to check out Town Shoes website to see how they’re engaging with their customers online.

Okay, so all things being equal - the same shoes, same price - which store would you choose? The one with okay service and poor follow-through online, or the one with good customer service an engaging website and swag?

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  1. Anonymous8:56 am

    in all honesty, i don't like Town Shoes. i've always found Capezio to be a lot friendlier and welcoming. i'm not a huge fan of mailing lists, so i don't care so much for the web experience. so my thumbs up to Capezio (the one in Eaton's).

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