Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stones 4 the Soul

Samantha Steen is a talented jewellery designer with an interesting concept: Stones 4 the Soul. Her 30” long necklaces are hand-made using semi-precious stones. Each design has individual healing powers.

Samantha has written a different poem for each design explaining their healing powers. Here’s what she wrote about the “Peace” necklace pictured:
Amethyst will bring mental peace and harmony to your core
Being over worked and over stressed will happen no more
By the calming mental affect that illuminates from this purple stone
Promoting unity and connection, so one does not feel so alone
It focuses on healing, moving away from physical and emotional pain
Feel compelled to wear an amethyst stone around a silver plated chain
Prices range from $40-$50. Currently, these special works of art aren’t available at any stores. They are sold through jewellery parties or you can contact Samantha directly if you like what you see. Learn more about her collection on her new website.

Have you ever been to a jewellery party? What did you buy? Leave a comment.

Disclosure: Samantha’s mother is my friend but I wouldn't write about her necklaces if I didn’t like them, promise.

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