Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weekly wish - a personalized necklace from Citrus Silver Products

I woke up early this morning and had time to net surf before work. I checked out this week’s Sweetdeals on Sweetspot and learned about Citrus Silver Products.

The idea of having the names of my kids stamped on a piece of my jewellery is quite appealing. Until now, the items I’ve seen just haven’t been my style.

Enter Citrus, a Toronto-based jeweler who hand-stamps names and significant dates on hand-made sterling silver pendants in several awesome designs and a selection of chains to choose from. All merchandise is sold only on their website, it isn’t available in stores.

I’m wishing for my own personalized pendant (and chain) from Citrus so I can wear my boys’ names wherever I go. Not one for following routine, I decided to do something a bit different this week. Since I got a code from Sweetspot to save 25% off the chain, I was going to get my wish and order a “tart” or “zing” pendant with the “thin ball” chain. (FYI, the discount code is WOSL2 and the offer is valid through July 7.)

I went through the steps:
set up an account
chose a pendant
typed in my boys names
added any additional notes
chose a chain (including length)
chose another pendant as a gift
went to the checkout
checked my order
typed in the discount code
decided to change my order– whoops! – trouble begins

When I saw the total, I decided I would only get one pendant and chain. I went back to update my order but I couldn’t! I followed the instructions – they were pretty simple – just put a checkmark in the box beside the item I no longer wanted and click on “Update”. I tried several times but my order didn’t change. Oops! They lost me at the checkout.

I’m not giving up. I think this is a really great product, reasonably priced, locally designed and I want one! This week I’m still wishing for a personalized pendant from Citrus. So, I’m going to e-mail a copy of this post to the designer and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted. ; )

UPDATE: I’m now the proud owner wearer of a zing pendant with my both my boys’ names. It took a bit of perseverance but after a few tries and an IT fix on Citrus Silver’s end, I ordered my new necklace. I even ordered a pendant with my nephews’ names as a gift for my sister.

The items came gift wrapped in a lime coloured gift box with a pretty fuchsia bow and a postcard with a handwritten note from Karen (the designer) on one side and “Citrus Silver Care” instructions on the other.

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  1. I love my "tart" pendant too! It's personalized jewellery with style. I got so many compliments on how beautiful it is, including my friend G. She doesn't know it yet, but when she graduates with her Ph.D., she's going to get a pendant with her graduation date stamped on it!

  2. A total stranger stopped me to tell me how nice mine looked today. The pendants are a great way to commemorate special life events.

    I think Citrus is also introducing bracelets soon. I hope they are charm bracelets - you could collect different charms for each special date in your life.


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